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There is a direct positive correlation between economic integration in the EU, the single market and business opportunities in the EU. The impact of European integration on business is so pervasive that no business activity in the EU member-states remains unaffected by the functioning of the single market. By means of a thorough overview of the EU institutions and policies, this course equips students with the knowledge necessary to recognize the opportunities with regard to conducting business in the European Union.

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Public and private international law and their implications for business. Focus on sales contract, dispute resolution, competition rules and their impact on business both in the international and European context. Fundamentals of the WTO legal framework.

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Lobbying in the European Union as seen from the perspective of the interaction among a variety of stakeholders involving the EU institutions, the business sector, civil society and NGOs, as well as national governments. Comparative insight into the nature of lobbying in the EU and the US. Hands-on approach to mechanisms, actors, issues and objectives designed to prepare students to their first professional steps on the EU level stage of interests’ articulation through their involvement in business, government, civil society and the NGO sector.


Current issues influencing international business, including, but not restricted to globalization, economic integration and trade liberalization, key actors involved in international business and ethical challenges in international business.

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Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) explained through the lense of the Optimum Currency Area (OCA) Theory. Comparative analysis of the US as a currency union and the Eurozone. The role of economic policies and cohesion policy in view of reducing the occurrence of asymmetric shocks. Implications for business.

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As a part of the project implementation, several modules will be thought that either in their entirety or in part will be aligned with the project's goals and objectives. These courses include, Business in the European Union (IB 3008), International Business Law (IB 4238), Lobbying in the EU. In addition, EU-related content will be taught in the following modules: Contemporary Issues in International Business (IB 3199) and EU Economic and Funding Policies (IB 4118).


Students attending B-in-EU modules are given access to a variety of teaching materials, including slides, documents, journal papers etc., through the Blackboard platform


During the time-span of the B-in-EU implementation, several events open to Deree students and the wider public will be organized. The objective of these events will be to expand the students' learning experience and, thereby -- by facilitating the teaching and learning process -- equip them with knowledge and skills necessary for them to serve as active EU citizens.