About B-in-EU

B-in-EU, i.e. Jean Monnet Module on the European Union and active EU citizenship for business students: an interdisciplinary approach, is an EU co-funded project run under ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Module scheme, implemented at Deree-The American College of Greece, and co-ordinated by Dr. Anna Visvizi.

B-in-EU is geared toward promoting novel, blended, ICTs’ enhanced, approaches to teaching and learning European integration to business students.
The key assumption behind the project is that through education and by equipping (business) students with skills and knowledge about the EU, it is possible to empower them, prepare them to exploit opportunities inherent in European integration and, as a result, turn them into dedicated EU citizens, advocates of European integration and supporters of more Europe.

B-in-EU is implemented at Deree-The American College of Greece, an US institution whose proud tradition of inducing social change dates back to 1875. Located in Greece, i.e. a country at the fate’s crossroads, B-in-EU, run by Dr. Anna Visvizi, a seasoned educator, academic and manager, will once again turn Deree into the agent of change in Greece and elsewhere; this time with a view to promoting active European citizenship, raising awareness of the EU’s role in a globalised world, and facilitating future engagement and people-to-people dialogue worldwide.

B-in-EU comprises of three mutually reinforcing components, including teaching, research, and collaboration.